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The Art of Being Yourself              

How many of you have felt out of place sometimes, by your ideas, looks on life or your personality? Being different is something to always be proud of, it’s what makes us stronger than others, what keeps us awake at night with creativity.

I’ve always been the creative type, I’m more likely to work well in the evening or at night and absolutely love when a project comes my way with complete open-mindedness towards the results.

Since I was young, people around me encouraged me to think that survival is the top priority when you become an adult, that you better find a profession that has high chances to land you a job going out of college, and you can fit into the American dream scenario. Unfortunately, guided by my fears I followed and I ended in a steady job, many months in it I felt bored to death. In those moments you ask yourself: Why am I here? What difference am I making? Am I making a difference?

Respecting the little voices in your head is the pure art of being yourself, knowing the risks you’re taking and the unconventional road you’re on. There will be times where you’ll find it hard and tempting to go back to your steady old jobs, but when you encounter a happy moment or a simple thank you for being the fruit of your own hands and brain, you’ll know the real art of loving yourself.

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