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The Modern Day Art Gallery: Analog to Digital

We are constantly changing style, décor, attitude and ART. All these elements go hand in hand and are what define you as an Artist. Through the innovation of the online platform, the art gallery has been converted from analog to digital, a place where the expressions and the feelings artists put into their work can touch millions by the simple click of a button, in the art world sharing is caring.

Digital art galleries have opened the world of art to new possibilities. Imagine you wake up and your piece is supposed to be displayed at that little cafe in Brooklyn, New York, but deep down you wish you could be on display at the MET in Central Park at that gorgeous time of the day where the sun is setting (See our new sky features for your 3D Exhibition!), but because you’re not as well known as the other artists in the game, it can’t be done. Luckily, with a digital art gallery, you can choose your time of day, location, what art to display, the number of pieces and setup. It’s easy as Sunday morning.

Art is inspiration, a sometimes intangible feeling that overwhelms the viewer and creator. Art should not be limited by traditional methods of display but it should move forward with the times and allow us, the pupils of this never-ending living movement which we live and see in Montreal, to grow and gain a larger audience. Convince those who think the art gallery is only for the Montreal Mile End hipster, that art is not limited to an area in a city, but to a larger  group that you are a part of – you may just haven’t realized it yet!

Tell you friends and spark some creativity, get out of that cookie cutter mindset. Don’t just only show your art to the ones who were invited to your gallery but get the word out about all your creations, embrace the digital world, and allow those international viewers to become local viewers of your masterpieces.

Let the world into your gallery.


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  1. Bos June 10, 2017 at 9:53 pm

    Performing with and in front of peers enables us to mature at rates of which we were initially unaware.