What Is Art.. for me?

The question often comes up and people have different notions about it and perceive it differently in a variety of situations.

Art is indeed a method for someone to express oneself, to go beyond one’s imagination by creating a product resulting from one’s state of mind at the time of creation.

However, in my world, art goes way beyond this. Whether it’s in the color I choose to dress in the morning, the supper I will prepare at night or the resume I have to write to prepare for a job application; art follows me in every aspect of my life. We are taught to choose art as a tool to help us in our day-to-day activities. Life on its own is a piece of art as we continually write our own story and follow the path we have created for ourselves – including bumps and challenges. The past are memories reminding us of the trials and tribulations we had to overcome in order to make us the person we are today. The future is yet to be drawn with inspirational forms with color to constantly make us aspire to aim higher, to never give up.

If we think about it for a second, life has created the most unique and complex form of art: US. The good news is that we have the faculty to express ourselves using different forms such as singing, drawing, painting, dancing, and writing. These forms bring out the internal complexities of human beings into concrete form. Of course, one of the main driving forces of expression is Love… it is the most complex, and simplest, feeling common to each one of us on a daily basis. Its powerful impact on our selves can lead to spectacular and meaningful creations and make people not only help each other but relate to each other on deep human levels.

This being said, art is around us in all of its many forms. We just need to keep our eyes open and take a step back to fully benefit from what it can offer to our happiness and well-being.

Listening to our inner self is the first inspirational and most influential step to the creation of all great things. It is life at its best!

Written by showyourarts

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