In this post I will write a little bit about myself and let you into my artistic world so you will get to know me as a person and an artist. But this made me wonder what would people think about this post, will it be boring? I personally find it a bit difficult to talk about my own work. Why is that? Aren’t I good enough for people to read about? Like any other anxious artist, this question still rambles in my mind.

As a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate, I’m a Montreal based artist that reproduces commissioned work with mixed mediums such as acrylic, markers, pens, oil paint, and spray cans. During my academic years, I struggled to discover my personal interest due to such variety of art and challenging projects. Throughout my first year, I was a student that had very little knowledge about the art world. I remember my first painting class as if it was yesterday. Eager to start, I had bought myself a large scale painting and started to paint. Noticing that my work was too firm, my instructor approached me and advised me that I was giving it too much thought, and it didn’t portray movement and life in my work. With the right training, it resulted into my first abstract painting which I later called “Attitude” . As the years progressed, art teachers helped me explore different mediums and art forms by expanding my artistic mind with a variety of artists. Learning about different artistic techniques will draw inspiration for any upcoming artist.

Since I was a little girl, my passion for art has constantly grown. But in this economy, artists discover an everyday hardship in getting a good paying job. When asked about my career path, I did not get the support and encouragement that I needed. Why is that? People would often ask me if it was a real job or if I’d make any money out of it. I believe if you are strongly passionate about your work, you will be successful. But beyond that, I wonder what our world would be like without art.
Over the years, my work has varied from different styles to accommodate each of my clients. I mostly work with big scale paintings and bold colors. Nowadays, my prime focus is mostly Pop art and abstract paintings; however, I’ve always remained open minded for different styles. As an independent artist, I look for that connection with my clients that will create an emotional experience. It is an everyday struggle to create a unique style that will captivate the viewer attention due to so many talented artists; although, most people learn in a multitude of ways, artists learn from each other. Therefore, the world is our playground, let’s explore it!

Written by zeina
Talented local artist reproducing and creating commissioned art works with mixed mediums. Zeina is a contributor that will be providing posts about different topics related to art

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