Art can be described as the expression of concepts and skills that come from man. The result of the activities, thoughts and skills either in physical, conceptual or abstract form can be called art. It can further show the interaction with environment, the critiquing of art and even the appreciation of aesthetics or studying the history of art. The mere word is as broad and abstract as the subject matter but no matter how you look at it, it makes the world go round. Art always seems to reflect a period in time through history and as such art has been classified by the times they were produced or the representation of that time. Thus words like medieval art, renaissance art (not that art cannot be reborn but it refers to the 1400s) and modern art can be better understood as classifications.

Art has always had the ability to divide opinion and in doing so, make a statement. The ability of a person to capture a moment whether on canvas, manuscript or solid form then translate into their expression of a moment and it is captured as an artistic piece. From the musical pieces of Wolfgang Mozart or the paintings of one Leonardo da Vinci or the wax statues that are now of such modern fanfare at Madame Tussaud’s, art has never been limited by language, time or location. The musings of one human translated from intangible and unquantifiable thought into the physically perceivable, touchable or accessible form has always fascinated people and thus the pricing of art as entirely unpredictable and oblique.

We hear of some astronomical prices for art yet others are traded like cheap chewing gum despite both having similar artistic authenticity. The price then comes in with the perception of the buyer and depending on their influence in the world, can make a piece immortal or consign it to the bin. People treat shirts of players as special because either the player did an amazing thing or achieved an amazing feat in it. The shirt he wears the next day or previously will not be as valuable as that single one, despite full knowledge the feat is achievable by another or the person outside his sport is not desirable. That is the very concept by which art has acquired price and as critics will tell you, class.

Art has however been a haven for the people with the most extreme ideas and ground breaking thoughts and once they articulate them in speech, might be scoffed at or misunderstood. Yet somehow once expressed in sculpture, mosaic, manuscript or abstract then their ideas become acceptable and worthy of hanging in the finest gallery and fetching the highest acclaim. The fact that art is now digitally produced using pixels and robots instead of the old paintbrushes, canvas and charcoal mimicking pens and pencils has not devalued it in any way. It just means that even those historic pieces can be open to the public and can be in one’s own private gallery, not leaving those great historic expressions to be hidden away in the mansions and manors of rich, old folk who probably glance not at them more than once, only when the guests are over.

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