As many of you already know, trying to make a living in a world where art is so accessible and so diverse is hardly achievable. There’s plenty of competition and making a difference is all about structure and discipline. Although in order to seem professional and serious in this field, you need to forge your identity in a deeper level and trademark your accomplishments!

The easiest way is by building an online portfolio.

But what is it exactly?

You can create a portfolio online by uploading images of your art, making it more accessible for potential clients and exposing it worldwide.

What will it show exactly?

Your creativity first! No portfolio is equal to another. You can customize it to your needs. Not only that, but a portfolio shows your professionalism as well as time invested in yourself.

What can I put in it?

Anything you are good at! Remember that it’s an open door to your skills, meaning that the more you show your paintings or sculptures the more the person browsing will have a global idea of what you can do. The idea is to get people to contact you for your services. Make sure that it’s visually satisfying and that it’s easy to use for any demographic, considering most investors are from a generation that isn’t really tech savvy.

Where can I create an online portfolio?

Why, on Show Your Arts of course! Most artists underestimate the power of an interactive platform and the international possibilities within it. In your profile, there is a space where you can include your portfolio and connect with highly influential artists and be part of a community. Don’t forget to include the link whenever you create your business cards!

The plus.. is that since it’s an online gallery, it adds punch to your presentation (now that’s a pro tip!)

Finally, tools like a portfolio can help you get visibility, but never take too lightly getting out there and meet people, don’t undervalue collaborations and appreciate the art of discussion. Be pro-active. This will get you noticed and can generate dazzling results. Show Your Arts gives you the opportunity to explore and personalize your own gallery, take advantage of that.

Best of Luck !

Written by showyourarts

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